The Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (DipTESOL) is an internationally respected, widely available qualification for experienced teachers of ESOL/EFL. 

The DipTESOL is accepted by the British Council as a full English Language Teaching (or ‘TEFL’) qualification for teachers in its accredited teaching organisations in the UK and in its own teaching operations overseas. Having the DipTESOL enables holders to have roles such as examiners, teacher educators and centre managers/directors of studies.

Through its validation and annual inspection process, Trinity College London ensures that all DipTESOL courses follow the same mandatory components:

  • Language: candidates must show understanding of the language systems and language-related issues as commonly taught in beginner to advanced syllabuses.
  • Learning and Teachingcandidates must show an understanding of the current principles and practices of language learning and teaching and show an ability to demonstrate these in the classroom.
  • Professional Developmentcandidates must demonstrate knowledge of the principles and procedures facilitating personal and professional development.

Some components are externally assessed by Trinity's panel of examiners, others are internally assessed by the course provider and externally moderated by Trinity.

Career prospects

The DipTESOL is an internationally respected, widely available qualification for teachers of ESOL/EFL with at least two years' full-time teaching experience. Here are two of the reasons teachers commonly give for taking this qualification:

  • They are planning to work in a position or organization that requires a diploma-level qualification. Examples include academic management, teacher training or work within the Higher Education sector.
  • Having completed an initial certificate course and two years of ESOL teaching, they now feel they need to develop their skills and knowledge both for their own sake and so that they can support and guide less experienced colleagues.

Entry requirements

The DipTESOL is regulated in England by Ofqual and registered at Level 7 on the Ofqual Regulated Qualifications Framework, the same level as master’s degrees and many other post-graduate qualifications.

The DipTESOL is designed as an advanced qualification for teachers of ESOL/EFL. In order to be eligible to take this course you will need to fulfil the following entry criteria:

  • You must have a first degree (any discipline) or equivalent. An equivalent qualification would be one that shows evidence of sustained academic study, potentially enabling you to cope successfully with the requirements of the diploma.
  • You must have two years full-time ESOL teaching experience at the time of interview, the minimum for a year's experience normally being at least 15 hours per week over 32 weeks. The minimum amount of teaching required for entry is therefore 960 hours of which 75% of these hours must be with classes. You should not have taken more than a year's break from ESOL teaching prior to interview.
  • You can be a speaker of English as a first, second or foreign language. If English is your second or foreign language, you will need to demonstrate the appropriate competence in your spoken and written English, for example by holding a minimum Grade 11 in the Trinity Graded Examinations in Spoken English.
  • In general you should have a high level of competence and interest in both language and language teaching that will enable you to follow this demanding course of advanced study
  • An initial TESOL training qualification such as the Trinity CertTESOL is highly recommended but not essential.

All our course providers set their own entry criteria and will provide you with an interview and a test of your competence to follow the DipTESOL before accepting you. This will ensure that, if accepted, you will have the potential to succeed on this demanding course.

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